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Mail Tribune highlights the inaugural Emerge cohort of Southern Oregon


I am running

for the People of Ashland

I believe that Ashland is resilient and now is the time to reimagine it.  As a City Council member,  I want to focus on economic development, tourism, living wages, affordable/workforce housing, social justice, resources for our unhoused community members, and climate change as part of my platform. 

I am a collaborator, an organizer, and a problem solver. There have been missed opportunities over the years.  I will move toward solutions to build a robust economy for working families, for our essential workers, our small businesses that make Ashland so endearing, and the community that is, the backbone to our town.     

I will work hard for the people of Ashland and I am up for the challenge. I bring to council my honesty, transparency, tenacity, lived experiences, and the ability to get things done. 
With your support and your vote together we can create an equitable, thriving and sustainable Ashland.




"My values are part of my DNA, they make me who I am...a leader."

Gina DuQuenne

Now Is The Time For Change

I will collaborate and communicate with our small business owners, such as restaurants, wineries, and retail shops to develop a strategic plan, along with a reserved emergency budget that will be equitable for everyone. We also have 15 different commissions in the City of Ashland and I commit myself to work closely with each of these commissions to produce well-researched and actionable information that will help me get things done!


Housing for the

I will continue to present proposals to the City Council and work closely with the new City Manager until the city allows us to occupy the Hardesty property or another property similar to it. 


I will work with the public and private sector by promoting integrated approaches to provide housing and sustainable living for our community.

Building a Robust Economy


I will fight for equitable living in Ashland where everyone has the right to live with dignity and integrity. Racial Justice is a human right, enough said. 

Climate Action

I will work with the Climate Policy Commission to ensure they achieve their climate-related goals and targets: i.e. reduce emissions, greenhouse gases, fossil fuel usage, and ensure that there is environmental equity throughout this process. 

Let me be clear, Ashland will always be a tourist town. But I will also support our development by not putting all of our eggs in one basket. I will focus on the development of a diversified economy by encouraging and supporting our local business to grow and create more living wage jobs. I will reach out to tech companies in Northern California and encourage them to move their satellite companies to Ashland. And I will work with Travel Southern Oregon, Travel Ashland and the Chamber of Commerce to promote our culinary and wine experiences; the Pacific Crest Trails; the Rogue River; local Fishing and so much more. 

"My vision for Ashland is tangible and together we can make it happen."

Gina DuQuenne

John Tyler, Local Resident

I have known Gina since the first SOPride march in 2011. In addition to her prodigious strengths as a compassionate leader, she has great organizational skills, a dedication to whatever she puts her mind to, and an ability to get very diverse groups of people to cooperate in achieving whatever goal she sets for them.

Johanna Pardo, SOU Student

Through her community involvement, Gina has shown our town that she truly cares for our community. And given the tone deaf response of the council to issues of concern to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folx, it's time for a REAL change. 

Alma Rosa Alvarez, Ph.D

I have had the privilege of interacting with Gina DuQuenne in various capacities. I found Gina to be the model of professionalism and generosity. I have also had the opportunity to see her as a community builder intent on creating spaces where all people can belong. Gina will be a great addition to the city council.

What People Are Saying


“I am kicking the door down for Black, Brown and Indigenous people to come through.“

Gina DuQuenne


Community Involvement:

  • Board member at Phoenix Counseling Center

  • Board member at Children Advocacy Center

  • Board member at Ashland Rotary and Membership Chair

  • Board member at Addiction Recovery Center

  • Commissioner at City of Ashland Housing and Homeless Commission 

  • Founder of Southern Oregon Pride

  • Member of the Ashland Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Celebration 

  • Member at the Ashland Chamber of Commerce

Endorsed by:


Talks in the Park



Aug. 19th, 10am - Lithia Park


Sept. 12th, 10am - Garfield Park

Sept. 20th, 10am - Railroad Park   (Cancelled)


Oct. 10th, 10am - Lithia Park

Oct 19th, 10am - Garfield Park




Gina DuQuenne

I am the mother of two amazing adults, Eddie and Sunshine, and grandmother to three amazing grandchildren Michael, Morgan and Malachi. And when I long look back at my life’s accomplishments, I am proud of the path I’ve chosen.



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