Meeting Ashland over 17 years ago I totally and completely fell in love. There was just a good vibe: the helpful people, the smiles and strangers waving at you while you are walking your dog… unheard of where I come from.

Here nestled between the Cascade and Siskiyou Mountains lies paradise with its art, theatre, food and wine culture.  Ashland is the perfect place to call home… to live, learn and thrive here.

As time passed I began to pay more attention to the tax hikes and the ordinances that were being passed.  I have always been a curious person so I began to ask questions, attend the city council meeting and read about local politics. With that came even more questions.  Soon I joined the Housing and Human Service Commission because I wanted to be of service.  I also became a part of other nonprofits and social justice events.

Over the years I have witnessed amazing things happen in Ashland along with missed opportunities. That being said, I know we can do better.  With the setbacks of COVID-19 and the uncertainty of Ashland’s future, we need to elect a strong City Council in November. What I bring are my values, my tenacity, and my ability to organize and get things done for the people of Ashland.

Gina DuQuenne

For Ashland City Council

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