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Park Talk!

Two weeks ago, I held a dialogue in Railroad Park where community members could get to know me, ask questions, and share their thoughts on what they want from their city council.

First of all, I love these opportunities to speak with folks. We dived into a variety of topics, including housing, utilities, law enforcement, accountability by our public servants, and climate change action.

Again, and again I was impressed with the thoughtful questions people asked and the stories they shared, all of which came from a place of love for this region and its citizens. I was honored by the questions and happy to answer them.

When I told folks I would look into the rising utility costs and work towards more transparency in our local government, and that every decision will be weighed with our needs to protect the environment, I meant it. When I said I wanted to focus on our small businesses, and attract more tech companies, I meant it. I do what I say I will do and I get things done with integrity.

I hope those who came to the park talk left knowing that I will do everything I can for Ashland. I’m a fighter and if there’s a way to get something done, I’ll find it.

Join us for our next Talk in the Park on August 19th at 10am in Lithia Park!


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