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YOUR Vision for Ashland

I’ve been reading about how cities are focusing on the future as they work

to pivot resources and move forward during this pandemic. In some places,

leaders are calling for a ‘community vision board’ in which people share

images or thoughts on what they would like their town to look like in the

future. It's a fun, aspirational exercise and an inspirational tool to help

people focus on the future they want to see.

My vision for Ashland’s future includes this being a place where individuals

know that their voices count regardless of their income or status, where

housing is affordable and equitable, where we truly embrace diversity,

where racial bias is addressed with honesty and action, and where young

business owners see this as a place to thrive.

I’d like everyone to think about Ashland’s future and our vision for it. What

would your Ashland look like in the coming years, whether it is one, two or

10 years from now?

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